Our Approach

About the community
  • About 500 Government aided Deaf schools in the country primarily based on the oralist approach do not encourage the use of sign language.
  • Dearth of right pedagogy and teaching resources mapped to the needs of the Deaf community in India.
  • Lack of communication within their own families has kept them away from development of core soft skills,
  • In India there are huge misconceptions about Sign Language and its usage,
  • Deafness is treated as a medical condition which needs to be remedied. There is a lot of stress on making the deaf child speak,
  • Families have no support system where they can be given options on ways to bring up their child.
Our core objectives are as follows
  • Building employability skills of the deaf youth through market-aligned vocational training,
  • Creating a pool of deaf trainers/interpreters for the deaf community,
  •  Developing specialized vocational training courseware.
  • Provide accessible education to Deaf children through interactive and multimedia based format to bring about greater involvement in the subjects,
  • Sensitizing and Training the teachers from deaf schools to ensure that children can be taught more effectively,
  • Spread awareness and sensitize the corporate for future possibilities of employment of deaf youth,
  • Conducting collaborative training with other organizationsin 2/3 tier regions and creating local livelihood opportunities.

Hence, The Deaf youth lag behind their hearing counterparts in all spheres of human development including employability quotient.
Given this backdrop and situation, Noida Deaf Society was setup in 2005 as a not-for-profit society by Ruma Roka.

Our Vision

Mainstreaming Deaf Children and youth through quality education and Skill Development

Our Mission

Empowering the deaf community in India to lead sustainable and self-reliant lives through customized trainings and employment opportunities.